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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CBC Pulls Tommy Douglas Flick

They forgot the part about our little Tommy being a Eugenics Proponent.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

'Zarqawi could have been beaten to death by US forces'


Syed B. Soharwardy - Project Unity Now

Syed B. Soharwardy who founded Muslims Against Terrorism has announced the formation of Project Unity Now a cross-Canada series of conferences designed to shield Canadian Muslim youth against violent extremism.

"Canadian Muslims must share some blame for not doing more to stop the misleading of our youth in the name of Islam," Imam Syed B. Soharwardy said at a news conference at the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre Friday."

OK this seems a positive, reasonable and concrete initiative, however I will continue to remain suspicious of Soharwardy and his true intentions due to his history of odd and in general "Bat-Shit Loonie" pronouncements such as the following from the link 15 Important Questions an interview with Peter J Sanford posted on the Muslims Against Terrorism web site:

"Question 3

The media seems to emphasise the negative aspects of Islam, why do you think this is?

Let me begin with some background to this problem. From the start, the unity of American society was established on xenophobia or an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers.. They had to have a fear of something in order to unite against that fear. If the fear is gone, the reason of unity would be gone too. American xenophobia operates in the service of American nationalism. Initially, the settlers feared from the aboriginal people and they united against them. They killed millions of aboriginal people in order to remove their fear. When these settlers found their identity as Americans they feared the British monarchy and fought against it. They fought against France, Mexico and other nations on land claims. They hated blacks and kept them in slavery for centuries. The Americans feared from the increasing power of Germany and fought against it. World War II added the Italians and Japanese to the “feared peoples” for the Americans. This was followed by the Red Scare and subsequent wars in Korea and Vietnam. In the coming years the Communists served as convenient targets through the end of the Cold War. The Gulf war provided the Middle Easterners..and so the legacy of American xenophobia continued."

"In Canada we have the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) which is funded using tax payer’s money and even the CBC is not free. In the east media is controlled by governments and dictators and in the west it is controlled by the interest groups and the owners. These interest groups either are secular or the fundamentalist Christians and both of these groups share their hatred for Islam. "

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Canada's Immigration Practices Not Akin To Slavery Says UN - WTF?

Excerpts from the report released by the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Reviews Fourth And Fifth Periodic Reports Of CANADA:

"Its immigration practices could not be compared to slavery. The Government would continue to address its duties, and remained steadfast to improving the lives of all Canadians. "

Wow! We Canadians can be grateful knowing that the UN has reluctantly decided that among all our other shortcomings on closer examination our immigration practices are not in fact akin to slavery.. Woo Hoo Time To Party!!

"Canada was among only six countries which were up to date with reporting to the human rights bodies of the United Nations. The outstanding issues that remained would be given answers in the shortest possible period of time. "

Canadians may now stand proud to be ranked among the 6 Stupidest Nations on Earth who actually bothered to meet with these loons.

"To what extent did candidates to the position of Federal or Provincial Courts, who were open and friendly to implementing the provisions of the Covenant in future judgments, get appointed, a UN Expert asked. "

I suspect we have plenty of this ilk sitting already thank you.

"Other members of the Canadian delegation included representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Health Canada, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Canadian Heritage, Status of Women Canada, Department of Justice, the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Government of Quebec, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Government of Ontario, and the Government of Nunavut. "

Wow thats a lot of stuffed shirts! Do our tax dollars really have to support this lunacy? How many people did we have to send to meet with these twits? Why do I suspect this was a "Wild Manhattan Weekend" for a bunch of the boys? Grab lunch, try not to fall asleep during the session, and voila the rest is Nightclubbing & Drinks All Round courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer- I mean why else would any sane individual bother?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Canadian troops not captured: Hillier

VIA the CBC: "Gen. Rick Hillier, chief of defence staff who is in Newfoundland on Wednesday, told CBC News the report is false."

No not captured- they surrendered at the thought of seeing the Zerb in a burqua.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Zerb Explains All Regarding Persistent Anti-Semitism Label

Following is an excerpt from a statement The Zerb made in the comments section of her blog under the post " A Jaundiced Eye" . She is explaining that earlier charges of Anti-Semitism made against her apparently were part of some undisclosed plot concerning B'nai Brith .

The Zerb is Quoted as Follows:

"Finally, can we put this canard of my citing an anti-semitic website to rest?
This is the website:http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/antisemitism.html
In late 2002, B'nai Brith, a Zionist lobby group, put out a press release implying I was anti-semitic because I cited this website in a column about 9/11 timelines.
Ever since, people like you have used it to intimate that I am anti-Semitic."

"I would suggest that you pick up the phone and ask B'nai Brith's Frank Diamant exactly what -- and who -- was behind that press release and why.
He was honest enough to tell me.
Would he be honest enough to tell the world?"

I dunno Zerb, maybe he will and maybe he won't, these Zionists you cite are pretty crafty but tell me why do you refer to B'nai Brith as a "Zionist" lobby group. And as I recall that column had more to do with your propagating 9/11 conspiracy theory nonsense than just an innocent discussion of timelines.

What next? Zerb reviews "Protocols of Zion" for Star Entertainment section? Stay tuned.

Zerb lashes out at Christy Blatchford/Kathy Shaidle & National Review - She is Wrong As Usual

Antonia Zerbisias or the Zerb as she better known feebly attempts to chastise Christy Blatchford, Kathy Shaidle & the National Review for their respective commentaries on the absurdity of our nations lethal atmosphere of Political Correctness.

Like left wing idiots everywhere Zerb assumes that hiding behind a veil of PC Crap will ensure her protection. As is always the case the Zerb falsely attempts to gain the moral high ground and accuses the Right of "Hatred" when what she clearly wishes to imply is "Racism" at anyone who dares contradict her precious PC pieties.

The Zerb's piece includes praise for a column by Linda Diebel another Star Twit which offers the usual left wing "Lets surrender to the Islamofascists by blaming ourselves and the evil USA so they'll leave us alone apologia". Nothing new here just par for the course at the Star.

Christie Blatchford, Kathy Shaidle & National Review, now that is company worth keeping. Glad they are on our side.

Rick McGinnis: "why is this the default defense of so many Muslims?"

Via Kathy Shaidle of RelapsedCatholic; An insightful letter to the National Post from her friend Rick McGinniss which is unlikely to make it past the pc censors.

"Omar Kalair's letter to the editor (06.05.06) would not, I hope, have seen publication if it were an article written for any other section of the paper other than the op-ed page. In an attempt to suggest that Muslims on the whole are being unfairly scapegoated by the actions of extremists in their midst, he makes some questionable allegations. "The IRA, KKK, abortion clinic extremists and the Branch Davidians are all evoked as examples of Christian terrorists whose actions didn't result in Christians being tarred with the brush of terrorist. Putting aside the highly questionable inclusion of the Branch Davidians -- whose sole moment in the terrorist sun was when theircompound was raided by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- there's one major difference between these groups and Islamic terrorists: their actions were loudly condemned by the mass of Christians, and the governments of nations with Christian majorities all over the world. "I don't recall any outcry after Omagh, or the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, demanding that we understand the grievances of the bombers and the justice of their cause in the light of any laundry list of alleged grievances against Christians in general. "When Mr. Kalair invokes the familiar catalogue of grievances -- 'the daily news of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and other nations dying at the hands of Western Christian nations...,' along with the all-purpose invocation of 'Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine' -- one has to ask: why is this the default defense of so many Muslims, instead of a forthright condemnation of terrorists who appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner of the innocent, apparently inspired by their own preachers and community leaders, and the manifold justifications provided, alas, by their own holy book? "Israel does, as Mr. Kalair says, have nuclear weapons that Iran -- along with other countries in the region -- are intent on developing. The difference is that no Israeli leader has proudly stated that they will use these weapons, as part of a national program to wipe another country off the map, as Mahmood Ahmadinejad stated last year, quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini's position on Israel, one shared with the political agendas of Hamas and Hizbollah. Even under constant threat from its neighbours, the Israeli people have never tolerated this sort of rhetoric -- why does Mr. Kalair think it so reasonable?"

Rick McGinnis Toronto, ON

Hostage to Stupidity - James Loney- Lefty Whack Job of the Week

Courtesy of dissonance and disrespect;

TORONTO (CP) - A Christian activist who garnered international headlines as a hostage in Iraq is joining a protest march against Canada's system of detaining suspected foreign terrorists indefinitely without charge or trial.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Moderate Western Muslims, speak up!

Rondi Adamson has a terrific piece in The Christian Science Monitor regarding the arrest of our home-grown Islamofascists.

Buzz Hargrove Making Sense Over CUPE Israel Boycott

Maybe getting kicked out of the NDP has forced oxygen to his brain, read the BUZZ here. This is the most sense I have heard from anyone in "Big Labour" on this issue.

Naomi Lakritz, does a nice little number on CUPE Presidente Sid "I am not an Anti-Semite" Ryan here.

Arthur Weinreb of Canada Free Press has a nice recap of Sid's recent appearance on the Michael Coren Show here.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

F*ck McCarthyism!

InformaticsMD has terrific post on my favourite topic- The Loonie Left:

"Those who use hysterical claims of "McCarthyism", "racism", "insensitivity" etc. in the attempt to substitute for their inability to hold substantive debates, and especially those who author anti-Semitic screeds and then accuse Jews defending themselves of "McCarthyism" or "bias" or "insensitivity" or "over-reaction" or whatever, can hereby go f*ck themselves."

Worth the read.

Canadian Home-grown Terrorists - Worrisome Development

From the Star,

"The delivery of three tonnes of ammonium nitrate to a group suspected of plotting terrorist attacks in southern Ontario was part of an undercover police sting operation, the Toronto Star has learned. "

While I have faith in the ethics, intent & efforts of our Police & Security services I have limited faith in our Judicial system. My guess is that the Charter of Rights will be all too easily manipulated to serve the ends of the defendants.